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Are you sure they won’t find out? { (✿◠‿◠) }
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"Does it matter?" There’s an edge to Luke’s voice but he wears a smile across his face, hoping she won’t catch it.

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"They’ll always find me. They have ways to locate me." She spoke up with a glare, pulling on her bindings. 


"Right, ways to locate you.” Luke says with a roll of his eyes. He doesn’t believe a single thing this woman is telling him. “Well then you better tell them to hurry up because I think you’re running out of time.”

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The knife still in her hands as she stared Luke down, this would be a piece of cake. She raised her hand and knife to Lukes’ throat and smirked “Your words…” she muttered.


"Wow…—" Luke didn’t think Sarah had it in her and yet there she was, holding a knife to his throat. But could she actually go through with it? He wasn’t sure he wanted to keep pushing to find out. “I bet you’ve been waiting to do that.” Luke comments almost nonchalantly as he nudges her hand away from him.

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"Non," Giselle groans, rolling over to face away from Luke, and pulling the blankets over her head. "Five more minutes."

"But I gave you five minutes five minutes ago.” He’s not whining. Not yet. Instead, Luke gives a small sigh and climbs back under the covers where Giselle is currently lying with her back turned to him. He could have simply yanked the comforter off the bed and force her to get up, but he doesn’t want to be on her bad side today. Instead, Luke lays beside her and rubs her arm soothingly. “If you wake up now,” He begins as he leaves light kisses along her back where her tank top leaves parts of her skin exposed. “I’ll make you breakfast.”

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Aurora signed, looking over at him. “Because you have no right to just kidnap me and keep me here. If you don’t let me go, someone will know I’m missing and will come looking for me.” She said with a serious glare. 

Luke moves closer to Aurora, a smile never fading from his lips as he listens to her talk. It was always the same thing; idle threats and pleads that would only fall on deaf ears. “You see, the problem with that is how will they know where to find you?” The answer to that was simple: they wouldn’t.

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She could tell that Luke was agitated as she quit singing and began to hum along to the familiar tune that she was sure Luke had no idea what it was as she turned to him. The drive home was awkward—Luke wasn’t much a talker if he wasn’t insulting Sarah, which she was beginning to get used to as time went on, but Sarah couldn’t stop herself as she turned to Luke “Why so quiet over there? No insults or something witty?” she asked, a smirk on her face.

A silence falls between them and the twin enjoys the lull it conversation. The rest of the drive home is pretty straight, allowing him to lose himself in his thoughts. But then Sarah is asking a question and his brow furrows at the interruption. Luke gives her a long sideways glance before returning his attention to the road. “Do you want me to insult you?” Because he doesn’t.

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