His face is carefully composed. “That and little suckers I get from children.” It’s barely a minute before he added. “I don’t like seeing innocent people in fear, in pain. Those that hurt innocents, then I don’t mind it.” He sees nothing violent or predatory in the man’s look, and he wonders what exactly he’s thinking, because he can’t think that he’s calming down around this. Mike had small amounts of fear around those that he encountered after his attack, yet Luke was fucking doing better. Maybe his unique way of perceiving the world. That annoyed him. “Because she’s not my girlfriend and she’s not yours either. The only thing you had going on was something that I read in a case file. It wasn’t a good one.”

Luke almost laughs — instead, he opts to give the agent a crooked smile in an attempt to inflict as little pain on himself as possible. Not that it matters with the amount of pain medicine they’ve been giving him. “You’re stealing candy from kids now? Wow.” He can’t help but find this whole conversation entertaining. This is the most Mike has said to him without resorting to violence and frankly, he’s surprised. He didn’t think the agent had it in him. Or maybe he’s just not trying hard enough. “Not my girlfriend? Shows what you know, Mike.” With a smug smile, Luke stares back at the other daring him to call his bluff.

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"I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m funny, I’m a very talented killer, and I’m great in bed. Don’t underestimate, I’m wonderful." 

Wowif you say so. You’ll have to do better than that if you’re trying to impress me, though.”

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     If Max thought that question warranted an answer, she would have given it a hard no, but it was obvious he wasn’t looking for an answer. Clearly she was in no position to argue with him, however, she had no way to stop him — besides, Luke could get away with just about anything, within reason. Max would just have to get her revenge another time. “If I were you, I would let me go.” Her smirk was easily becoming more obvious as she spoke, a certain playful glint in her eyes. With Luke’s body so close behind her, the brunette was able to lightly hook her fingers under the hem of his shirt to very gently pull him just a little closer, “You know, if this was the other way around, I would have you on your knees already.”

Oh? And why would I do that?” The amusement is obvious in his voice as he arches his brow in question. He can’t imagine how this could backfire. Luke has full control of the detective and he likes that. He’ll have to let her go eventually, but for now he’s going to enjoy the moment. When he feels her fingers brush against him, blue eyes drop to the gap between them. For a moment he’s not sure what she’s trying to do but then he feels the tug on his shirt and he shifts so there’s no space between them anymore. “On my knees doing what exactly? Kissing your feet?” He asks over her shoulder. He can see the smile on her face and he has his own to match. Luke could think of a few things, but none of them were very lady-like.

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She nod her head at his words with a soft smile. She was the youngest out of all her siblings - not that she mind, though being ignored most out of all of them was annoying. And let’s not forget that she is the one they always come to for favors, but she feels that is her own fault since she’s a softy at heart. As he stared at her in silence, she returned the gaze along with a big smile showing all her teeth before giggling at the gesture. “Not born but mostly raised.” She nods before her gaze turns to the window to people watch and while doing so she noticed someone across the street, her eyes narrowed to get a better look at who it was and saw their eyes were focused on Luke before slowly he rose a gun in his direction. “Get down!” She shouts as she quickly stands up, grabbing Luke by the collar to fling him down with her to the ground while the bullet shot through the glass making people scream and scurry to their feet to leave the restaurant.

Vera quickly stammered to grab Luke, “Come on, this way!” She says taking him towards the back exit. Once there she flinched from an unbearable sting of pain on her side. Looking down she saw crimson was staining the material of her attire. There was a rip and it seems the bullet grazed her side, looking up to Luke she pressed her palm to her side, “You should go. What are you mafia?! Don’t answer that just… ow..” She whimpers softly and look back down at the minor injury, “Just go on, I’ll be alright.” She speaks in soft reassurance. She did not know who he was or what he did - as long as he was safe… right?

Luke barely has time to react. Glass shatters and people begin to scream as they scatter. Who would be so stupid to cause such a public scene? The twin feels her trying to get him to move before he registers that Vera has been talking to him. He doesn’t need to say anything, he just needs to react. Glass crunches under their feet as they make it through the back door. He knows he probably has minor cuts on his hands from the impact, but his mind is far from that.

Luke catches her gaze and follows it to the tear in her shirt. For a moment, all he can think is — she’s been hit. But then she’s talking and reassuring him she’s ok. There’s a fine line between being ok and being in shock and he’s not sure which side Vera is on. “I’ll be fine. You need to get out of here. I’ll be fine.” Blue eyes search around for something to stop the bleeding, but they’re standing in an alley. Without a word, Luke slips back inside the restaurant and a couple seconds later he returns with a clean dish towel. “Here, use this.” He motions towards her wound and holds it out for her to take. It’s hard to tell how bad it is with all of the blood.

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"Oh, don’t be such a sour puss! I just saved your life!" Sarah hissed at Luke "You might not thank me today, but give it a couple of hours—you will!" she insisted. She knew this could drag on for awhile, but Sarah knew she had to give Luke his time. Any moment now, he would be unable to stop himself from vomiting—and when he finally did, he would see the vile toxins that he had ingested earlier. "Take your time," she said, watching Luke try to stop himself from puking "I’ve got all day." she muttered, crossing her arms as she began to pace along the sidewalk, waiting for something to happen whether it would be from Luke or some passerby.

Luke presses the palms of his hands into his eyes in an attempt to not say anything. Luckily for Sarah, he can’t say anything snarky in return without feeling sick. Swallowing hard, the twin finally decides to look up at the brunette. He can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic or not, but he’s not in the mood to try and figure it out. When he thinks he can move again, he stands up. “Let’s go.” He doesn’t wait to see if she’s following. He can’t. Luke has to keep moving — or else.

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"Mm, no. I meant what I said. Kinda why I said it." 

"What exactly do you have going for you? Because the last time I checked you were alone.”

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"Oui. Yeah.” Giselle stalks up behind where he’s sitting, leaning down to wrap her arms around his neck. He’s doing… something or other for Lily. She’ll ask what he’s doing later. Vacations are much more important. “We should. Get a nice hotel by La Seine, enjoy good food, see the catacombs… perhaps after hours, if possible…” She nuzzles his temple. “Just relax and have fun. We can bring Mark too, if he wants.”


Luke stops what he’s doing when he feels her near. Her closeness is distracting and he leans slightly back into her. He likes the feel of her arms around him. It’s been too long since either of them have been back to France. It’s about due. “We could do whatever you’d like.” He agrees, bringing a hand up to touch her cheek affectionately. It would be nice to take a trip without their mother. Without having to run an errand for her. “I’ll ask him. We can leave this weekend.”

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"I'd offer you breakfast, but I think I'm too sore to move." *D E A D*
the morning after sentence starters


Mark can’t help but look away when she speaks. He’d blush if he were actually embarrassed — but he’s not. This is a new situation for the twin and there’s not a book he can read with advice on how to react. Though despite his awkwardness, Mark is surprisingly happy. ”I can make breakfast.” The twin offers when he finally looks back. A smile softens his face to show Davina it’s the least he can do. He might not be as great as his brother at cooking, but he knows his way around a kitchen.

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“It’s Dependent Personality Disorder, jackass.” I snap. “And I never said you were weird. Not that weird is a bad thing.”

"I’m sorry I’m not a walking DSM manual." Luke doesn’t bother hiding the sarcasm from his voice. "Weird, creep, same thing.”

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"Before you realized that I do things a big unorthodox?? Luke, don’t be such a pansy! Besides, you’re not drinking this! I am…and possibly Emma, but that’s besides the point!"


"It’s not unorthodox, it’s just wrong. Cooking takes skill, which you’re obviously lacking. But go ahead and enjoy your cheap vodka.”

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