Sam Underwood in every episode ► 2.14 Silence

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Sam Underwood’s handout portrait for San Diego Comic-Con International 2014 (2)

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Giselle murmurs something at him – she’s not really sure what. Usually, she’s the first one out of bed. But today… she doesn’t feel like moving at all. She’d woken a bit when Luke got up, and decided to stay in bed. Of course he came back to try and get her out. She can’t leave him alone for five seconds. The bed dips behind her and she sighs through her nose. Maybe she’s won. Maybe he’ll curl back up with her and keep her warm. His touch is gentle, not like what anyone would imagine. But it’s the kisses to her shoulder and back that cause her to sigh. “Or…” She takes his hand and gently pulls it over to her lips, pressing her own kisses to his knuckles. “You could stay with me… right here where it’s soft and warm and comfy…” She’s more likely to win this argument than he would against her, but she doubts he’ll give in. He knows how much she loves when he cooks for her. She won’t last long.

"I c o u l d…but do you hear that sound?” Luke pauses for affect, his breath against her neck as he lets the silence linger between them a moment before he answers for her. “That’s the sound of hunger.” He’s being sarcastic, teasing her playfully as he smiles against the softness of her skin. He leaves a few more barely there kisses, his hand now snaking to wrap around Giselle’s small frame as he burrows into her. It would be so easy to just give in and enjoy the warmth and comfort of being under the covers with her, but stubbornness is a hard thing for Luke to shake. “Maybe I’ll just make myself something to eat and let you fend for yourself.” She’s still not looking at him, but that doesn’t stop him from pouting.

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"The female of the species

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Julie Murphy, Side Effects May Vary

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"Hey - you’re my number one, okay? I don’t want anything to happen to you. Be careful." 

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luke gray in 2x01

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